Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This cannot be a coincidence

I only just noticed this.

Is it just me, or has my famed French-phrase calendar (featuring 365 days of comical phonetic translations) just depicted for me, from Nov. 5-8, all stages of a date gone ugly? Observez:

Nov. 5: We could go to a show.*
Nov. 6: I heard it gets a good crowd.**
Nov. 7: I'd like to see the cathedral.***
Nov. 8: Is it infected?****

* ohn poo-reh ah-lay oh tay-ahtr
** zyah ahn-tahn-dew kuh lam-byahns eh sahm-pah
*** zhem-reh vwahr lah kah-tay-drahl
**** ooh ooh bay-bee bay-bee

1 comment:

The Old Wolf said...

You know this book?

There are 4 or 5 examples from it at this album... great classic humor.

Twain had it down pat: I love Huck's trying to explain to Jim why the French speak differently...