Saturday, February 6, 2010

Minisnark: Hey, stupid

This is an ad campaign by Diesel (the clothing company, I'm assuming). I noticed it last week on the Rue de Rivoli (literally, "Roo of Ravioli").

I really like this ad campaign, and at the same time, it bugs me -- basically because I don't think they quite have a bead on their definition of "stupid." Furthermore, who do they think they're targeting, exactly? How does this get anyone to buy their product? And why are the ads in this town, where the nuances of the meaning are likely to be lost? Hell, I don't think even the copy writers knew quite what they meant.

Or maybe it's just me. Suddenly I feel kind of ... well ... stupid. Hey! Maybe I would feel better if I bought their product.


My Discworld said...

Yeah, I think they missed the mark.
Occasionally, just occasionally mind you, listening to the head over the heart could be the difference between self-preservation and eminent extinction.

The Old Wolf said...

I understand what they're saying - but "stupid" is totally the wrong quality to capture the essence of "being" rather than "doing". I must not be their target demographic, since I feel no compulsion to go shopping...

Eric Klein said...

Maybe it is the fact that their marketing department likes being stupid?

I mean really who puts up such an American English ad campaign in Paris? Where they even tried to rename email into French.

They officially hate English so why use it to sell there?

gus said...

This one's also plastered all over a 14th street subway station, too. I kind of hate it, myself. I see it as part of the rampant anti-intellectualism in this country. Perhaps that's the message: why else would you post an English-language ad campaign in France, if you weren't trying to piss off a bunch of language snobs? If you can find any French blogs about the campaign, I'd be thrilled... and heaven knows we ought to do a Media Show about this, with you as foreign correspondent.

(Just FYI, the CAPTCHA this blog wants me to enter so I can post this is "audowee.")