Thursday, July 29, 2010

San Diego Revisited, Part 2: Hero Worship at the Museum

Last week, we visited the San Diego Museum of Art (motto: "See Below for Our Motto in Mexican"), where they have an exhibit on the heroes of Greek mythology. My favorite part was the interactive bit, the bulletin board just outside the main exhibit, which asks the following question:

As you can see, there were many contributions. Here are some I liked in particular:

And, apparently from the opposing camp:

(though I am sorry to say Team Rocket got no love)

And, last but not least, my very favorite contribution of all, submitted by a young person who obviously took the Greek-hero theme to heart:


Anonymous said...

How many of New York's own "We Are Happy To Serve You" coffee cups gave their lives to make that scratch pad?

Sadako said...

Nice! Like the Bert drawing.