Sunday, September 12, 2010

Meet Aubrey!

A colleague of mine.  She and I have a post up at  Go see!

And yipes! What with the hecticicitude of the new school year starting and and all that, I didn't even realize it went up till now! So take a look for it in the archives.  It ran around September 5, I think.

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DS,LK & F said...

'Neg', Dear.

Hanging about with coffee-slandering persons is tantamount to lolling with the Philistines questioning the ubiquitous addiction that humans have for oxygen.

Leave that den of noonieheadedness.

They only want you for the power, prestige and incredible wealth of you and your family.

Paris Hilton would not allow herself to be used thus.

Love & Friendly Hugs!

St. John of the French Press (Mrs.)