Friday, February 4, 2011

Meet the Puppets!

Looky looky!

This is Marie-Claude, the Golden Stoat.  And, yes, as you have no doubt astutely observed, she's a very foxy stoat.  (Get it? Woodland creature pun! Hah!)  

Anyway, she's a puppet I made.  (Formerly a bath towel.  Fun fact.)  Which is all to say, I haven't been idle in my absence.  I've been putting together a good dozen of these guys, of all different styles and species, for a puppet show called - yes - the Golden Stoat.  

Here's one of her co-stars, Her Royal Highness Marcheline, Princess of Groin (pronounced Groin - it's French).  Marcheline has a lovely blonde mane and tiara now, but obviously this was taken in her pre-hair days:

Ain't she purty? Well, except that back before her Rogaine moment, she vaguely resembled Patrick Stewart.  Or perhaps Zwibble Dibble (pictured below):

Speaking of which, another fun fact: my sister happens to own such a Zwibble, which we got in maybe 1992.  We recently found that they go for upwards of $75-$100 on eBay, which led her to muse that perhaps hers would go for that much had she not spent much of her toddlerhood sucking on its tail.  Now let's face it, you have to wonder about the sort of individual who would shell out that many doubloons for a dinosaur wearing a diaper.  I mean, EVERYONE knows this is historically inaccurate, right? (In real life they wore Hanes.)

The Golden Stoat will be performed in late April, in Manhattan, for those NY-ers who are suitably interested and/or deranged.  (It will be the week after Aisle Six.)  Stay tuned for updates on both.....

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Gorilla Bananas said...

That is without doubt the friendliest looking stoat I've ever seen. The absence of sharp teeth makes him positively cuddly.