Friday, July 13, 2012

Comic-Con 2012

Good morning from Pacific Time! To celebrate my accomplishment of finally getting myself from France time onto Maine time onto California time only to get myself back onto Maine time in a few days,* here are some photos from the Comic-Con.

 San Diego Convention Center, as viewed from the outside. No madding crowd because they were all on the inside at the time, while we were waiting for the trolley.

 And looking in the other direction, toward the Gaslamp District (taken as we were heading to lunch at the formidable Royal Thai).

 Balboa Park, or as I like to call it Bowelboa Park. It's not an insult. I love the place. It just lends itself.
 And more of same, featuring yours truly...

 This is one of the signs outside the GoComics booth (#1714 if you're here!) featuring the Chickweed characters the way they were some 14 years ago...

And one of the most recently released Chickweed titles, SONATA FOR PIANO AND ARMPIT (available for order at, pluggity plug plug!), on display at the booth...

Moomins!!! (at Drawn and Quarterly's booth)

Banners hanging from the ceiling...

 I myself am on Team Veronica, and proud of it. I mean, how could you not be? Betty is a dweeb.

This is part of the queue that lined up to have my dad sign posters and things. Those are 9 Chickweed Lane and Pibgorn books on the table.

 This is an action figure dude we dubbed Sewing Machine Man, or Bobbin Man. Doesn't that look like some sort of totally sick sewing machine in his hand there? I SHALL DESTROY YOU ALL WITH MY BOBBIN OF DOOM BWAHAHAHAHA !!!

 This booth is called "Meat Bun," so how could I not take a picture of it? I mean ... it's called "Meat Bun."

 Coffee! Yes! The regulation size cup o' joe in my hand means I am back in America. Wahooo!

*I'm what they call a "go-getter".

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