Friday, August 27, 2010

Random neural firing

So this is bugging me.  It always has.  I'm throwing it over to you guys.

What, exactly, does it mean when someone says "Give back to your community"?  As in, what did we take from our community in the first place? 

  • A twenty? 
  • An egg? 
  • Its iPod touch? 
  • Its screenplay idea?

If anyone knows, feel free to enlighten me.  Not only will I know what I took, I'll know if I actually want to give it back.


Rob T Firefly said...

I took most of the corn chips from the big bowl on the community's table, but I'm pretty sure nobody saw me do it.

Nicola said...

Nobody saw, doesn't count.

Holly said...

I guess that depends on how involved you are in your community to begin with. Many of the things I benefited from as a child would not have had the impact they did if people in my community had not donated time, resources and money. The first example that popped into my head: when I was little, my town library had a summer reading program run mostly by volunteers - their contribution encouraged not just myself, but many other children to read and think about what they'd read, encouraging my and their critical thinking skills (not to mention my rapacious love for books and proclivity to use multisyllabic words). When I was in high school, I "gave back" by becoming a volunteer in the program. You don't live in a bubble and I bet if you thought about it, you would find there are many things in your daily life that would not be but for the generosity of others =oP

DS,LK & F said...

This is nothing but an entitlement fantasy wherein magic faeries endow "the community" with the majick means to build rec centers, feed the hungry, help the undereducated, etc.

In truth, those taxes that were squeezed from your princely salary when you were bagging groceries, working fast food, and otherwise being milked are the 'faeries'.

You were squeezed then, as were your family, the business that tried to stay afloat and employ you, and this is a whiny expression calculated to squeeze you further.

It is rather like "Federal Funds".

There is no such thing. The Fed, like "The Community" produces nothing, to include money.

It is TAXPAYER DOLLARS that run all.

And if I were Emperor, anyone who used the expressions "Federal Funds" or "Give Back to the Community", would be spayed or neutered and used to remove stoppages in the 'community' sewerage system.

Oh! Best wishes on your upcoming 'thing'!

Yours obediently.

Muhammed Cassius Ali Clay (Mrs.)