Monday, March 14, 2011

Puppets! (and an excuse to say "stoat" a lot)

A number of you have asked me about The Golden Stoat, the puppet show I'm directing.  It'll be taking place April 17 (afternoon) and 19 (evening), at Columbia University, for those who are in the NYC area and want to come.  I highly recommend it.  It's not often you get a chance to see such a crack ensemble of puppets, puppeteers, musicians and of course one luminous golden stoat.*

Here - I'll let the synopsis I wrote for our promotional posters speak for itself:

Welcome to Groin, France (pronounced “Groin” – it’s French), in the year fourteen hundred eleventy-two – or, as they say in French, mille quatre cent eleventy-two. Trouble is brewing in the royal family! King Drut wants his daughter, Princess Marcheline, to marry her cousin the Marquis de la Confiture – but Marcheline loves Alban Turtulutu, a poor mouseherd.  When King Drut sentences Alban to death, Alban comes clean to Marcheline about his mysterious past, even revealing the top-secret story of his father’s forbidden love with a stoat – but not just any stoat! The GOLDEN STOAT – the most beautiful stoat in all the land.   It is this tale, and this stoat, that will guide Marcheline on her quest to save her beloved … if she can.

Admission is free.  Lavish donations are of course accepted.

To tide you over in the time being, here's me and her royal highness, whom I made on my sewing machine:

I'm hoping to do a "making of the Golden Stoat" post sometime soon.  Stay tuned.

* Side note: I believe I've mentioned before in this space that "stoat" is one of the three funniest words in the world.  The others are "gerund" and the whole entire Italian language, which I'm counting as one word.


jdms said...

I was concerned for a moment that you might have confused a stoat with a weasel (which would entirely discombobulate your production), but then I remembered that they're easy to tell apart, since a weasel is weaselly distinguished and a stoat's stoatally different.

The Old Wolf said...

Move over, Shari Lewis!