Tuesday, May 24, 2011

aisle six, finally finally

So, it happened.  My musical, AISLE SIX, about a cursed supermarket (and alternatively known as "your one-stop supermusical" - get it? get it?) finally got its long-delayed outing at the Players Club of NYC.  And what an outing it was.

I really can't say enough good about my costars, who were endlessly enthusiastic, committed, and professional.  Nor can I say enough good about the audience members, who were wonderfully receptive, vocal, entertained and ready for anything.  So God knows this makes for a pretty boring post.

On that note: Photos! (credit goes to Christin, photographer extraordinaire)

Rob and Hondo, ever in sync

Shawn with a bucket of fake food, which the script called for him to strew about the floor - and which he did with abandon, I might add ...

... as evidenced here

While the others rehearsed their numbers I amused myself by drawing helpful diagrams, such as this one of what Hondo would look like with one eyeball hanging out on a puppet optic nerve (which, indeed, the script calls for, even though you see Hondo in his sprightly youthful form in the pic above)

Music rehearsal
This .... oh, this pretty much only makes sense in context.  You had to be there.  Imagine it! You'll laugh. 

This is as close as I ever get to an action sequence.

And now the heart of the bit! This is the poster my dad designed for the show - on display at New York's one and only historic Players Club of New York, the night of the show.  Check it out.  How many puppet-with-optic-nerve-damage posters do you think New York's one and only historic Players Club of New York displays on an ordinary night? ZERO.  THAT'S how many.  Yuhhh-huh.


From far away

and closer up!

Some of my cast members rehearsing in our performance space just before the reading.

The cast (please note extremely professional prop at the bottom right corner)
 Would I do it again? In a heartbeat.  Now I just want to get the scripts out of people's hands! No more staged readings for this baby.  It wants to operate without a net.  But this was a heck of a trial run.  Beautifully received, performed with great enthusiasm by all.  Onward and upward!

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The Old Wolf said...

How fun for you! Poppa was a member of the Players' Club, I dined there with him often. Congratulations on the event!