You’ll never see grocery shopping the same way.

AISLE SIX is my first musical.  It's the story of a cursed supermarket.  As may have already occurred to you, that is exactly ONE more musical about a cursed supermarket than your so-called musical theatre geniuses such as Gilbert and Sullivan ever thought of.

Here's a brief summary, as I wrote it up for potential producers:

a musical

Book and lyrics by Nicola McEldowney
Music by Margaret Vigevano and Nicola McEldowney


Passion.  Plague.  Paranoia.  Price-check!

Welcome to the Super Duper Store, a workplace where misery is inevitable, doom is imminent, the meat is expired -- and Aisle Six is always, mysteriously, in need of cleaning.  It is young trainee Melody Elbow's first day of work.  Brainless and joyful, blissfully unaware of her dismal surroundings and hate-crazed co-workers, she can hardly wait to begin her new job behind the supermarket's Customer Service desk.  However, trouble brews when Melody inadvertently reveals to everyone that there is a curse on Aisle Six.  Much to the horror of the managers -- neurotic, yearning Sidney; paranoid wacko boss Mustache; sadistic Night and the Furies; and silent Walt, who communicates via hand puppet -- the curse quickly spirals out of control, and soon a full-blown plague threatens to bring down the entire Super Duper Store.  The store can be saved only by the Chosen One, the sole individual who can remove an ancient grocery receipt from its printer.  When Melody turns out to be the Chosen One, it's up to her to save the day -- with a little help from the store superhero, the beautiful automated voice on the store speaker (who might, just might, be Melody's long-lost mom!), and, of course, true love.  Can the Super Duper Store be saved? No one knows, but one thing's for sure: with the plague spreading fast, it's Melody who's under the gun ... the price gun.

AISLE SIX was first unleashed on an unsuspecting public in December of 2009, at the Players Club of New York City.  It was a reading, in which I played Melody and several of my esteemed NYC actor friends stepped in to play the others.  Here's one of the few fuzzy remnants I have of that first outing, thanks to my friend Di, who came with a camera in tow:

Anyway, onward and upward: in January or February of 2011 (specific date to be announced!), your one-stop supermusical will be receiving a more thorough treatment in here in Gothamland.  Yayyyy!
So stay tuned, and in the meantime, you'll have to be satisfied with this advertisement I've fashioned for the occasion:


Or else, he’ll die.  No pressure or anything.

I hardly need to tell you that's my co-star.  He is such a diva.

To learn more about Aisle Six, by which I mean "fund a disgustingly lavish production of it," or hear music samples, or what have you, contact me at