Thursday, June 4, 2009

What's in a Flame?

More bloggy goodness anon. Je vous promets!* Meanwhile, meet The Media Show, esteemed brainchild of my esteemed peeps at AfterEd TV in New York. Here is a script I wrote for them earlier this year. (All is mine excepting a couple interpolations by the AfterEd folks, such as the reference to "G.I. Jem," a craptastic nugget of '80s pop culture which, sadly, I was born just a couple years too late to savor. Dang, you know?)

...and in fact, I am hard at work on the snarkery, so stay tuned.

* French, meaning, "Especially if I feel like it."

©2009, Nicola McEldowney
The Snark Ascending


Matt Campbell said...

LMAO! That was great. You have a future in media someplace, that's for sure.

Suzii said...

Is there an RSS format in the new incarnation? Am I going to be mortified and humiliated, and have to explain that I am reading this with my glasses off when I'm informed that it's right in front of my face?

Nicola said...

Someone recently told me at the old site that s/he had created an RSS for the new one:

Being somewhat of a technological doofus, I'm not sure why it has livejournal in the name, even though it seems to be syndicating my blogspot. Enlightenment, anyone?