Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ye Olde Snarke Commentse

Yyyyo! I've been informed concerns have arisen over the presumed demise of the old site.  Rest assured, Ye Olde Snarke will live on in happy inactivity.  There was no way to import the old comments, so I decided to keep it around.  Nothing like wasting your own personal wad of cyberspace.  It lends meaning to my life.  (Unfortunately, I will have to give the meaning back before Thursday, or else a fine will be imposed.)

That, and who could ditch the coffee design? So fear not.  Maybe I'll even dispense the odd neural nugget o' mystery there, for old times' sake.  I just prefer Blogspot.

Now scroll down and read about gender studies! Chop-chop! I did not become a cogitative academic for nothing*.

* Or at all.  

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