Monday, April 19, 2010

The Snark Evolving

Dear all,

First of all, my apologies for the flagrant lack of Snark here lately. It's never my intention to let dust balls gather, and -- in cyberspace as in real space -- I feel icky when they do. However, in this case, I have been able to wield no Dustbuster of creativity to suck up the crud of inaction.*

Here's the thing. It's not a lack of time exactly, unless you factor in the 7,594 hours a week I've been spending lately strolling the bouquiniste booths along the Seine, buying old issues of Tintin magazine, in which case you can obviously see how my busy schedule leaves me no time to write. Actually, it's that more and more, I've been feeling it's time to take these commentaries in a new direction. I have ideas for new ones all the time, but not necessarily always in the form of 800-word meditations the way I've been doing them. I began this blog as a 19-year-old college freshman, and since then, I have developed intellectually, emotionally, and philosophically in untold ways. Therefore, I simply can't ignore the feeling that it's high time for a change.

Bahahahahahaha! I knew I couldn't get through that with a straight face. The only development I've gone through was selling my fridge.** But it's time for a change anyway, in format if nothing else. I certainly won't be abandoning the Snark -- just reincarnating it. Sorry if that's vague for now. I can't predict exactly, but I have this idea it'll turn into a feed of miscellany -- short commentaries and items I find interesting/significant from different environs of the Internet, that kind of thing. Daily, if I can possibly help it. So stay tuned.

Meanwhile, if you like, please feel free to leave a comment with what you'd like to see in this blog as it evolves. I'm always curious to hear from those who are still reading, if for no other reason than to get a headcount. I had reason to believe after my arrival in France that my audience numbers had skyrocketed, only to find, on revisiting my statcounter last month, that readership was down to approximately (a) myself and (b) my sister's Siamese cat, Sammy, when she has the time.

For those who ARE still reading, thank you! I truly appreciate the support and promise not to disappoint.

Back soon,

* That will be a 6.50 metaphor fee -- in euros, please. I'm unemployed here.
** It developed me.


David Barry said...

I would like to see snark, asterisks, and French language humour.

(Medium-term reader - I think I found this place last June - first-time poster I think.)

John S. Wilkins said...

I don't care what you write, so long as you write.

BrianBridgePro said...

How about the idea of it not being "about" anything, other then what you choose to write?

My Discworld said...

Looking forward to the reincarnation. I love the idea of more bite-sized chunks of snarkery. I have to admit, as a full-fledged American, I'm curious about the Frrrrrench life. The day-to-day stuff. The "any American would spend half a day trying to figure out this little thing I do every day because I live in France" stuff. Not that there's any such stuff in daily French life. I'm totally assuming here.

The Old Wolf said...

Satire and snarkiness is at its best when it seeks to lift the human condition. Twain, Dickens, Bierce and their ilk despaired of the follies of humanity but wrote hoping to make a difference.

Celebrate the good. Mock ignorance with a vengeance. And continue to have fun.

The Old Wolf has spoken.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that some of us still read you over on the LiveJournal feed.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see more violence and explosions, establishing shots of classically designed yet still generic and inconsequential buildings, and perhaps a recipe now and then.

steven said...

I've been reading your snarking since your dad first mentioned it (where ever that was - I forget). Your humorous outlook on life is very intriguing, and reminds me much of my own daughter (just about same age). Just do what you will, and I'm very sure we'll continue to enjoy. Snark On!