Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Snarkly Three: April 22, 2010

1. I never thought I'd see the day when Nicholas Nickleby met booger journalism
Actually, I never thought about it at all. And yet, here we are: Roger Rees is directing the work of Dave Barry. Wow wow wow!!!

P.S. In case you aspiring thespians out there were wondering if you might audition, the answer is of course you might not. More on why in the next post.

2. Did anybody honestly NOT think this would happen?
MOMA art exhibit consisting of naked people results in visitors to MOMA touching naked people. We at the Snark are shocked. Shocked. Holy guacamole, are we shocked. Shocked, boy.

We like this quote in particular:
"It turns out a crowded museum, like a crowded subway, is no excuse for an improper touch — a lesson that has been learned the hard way by some visitors to the retrospective." OMIGOD LIKE WHOOO KNEWWWW?

3. Oh boy oh boy
Figure skater Johnny Weir is writing a book. We at the Snark want to read it. Then (since we read that he is going to be a student at the Fashion Institute next year) we hereby invite him to be our friend and come shopping with us, although we secretly fear that if he learns wesometimesshopatOldNavy* he might not want to be our friend anymore.

4. Bonus Snarkly Fourth
Make some Pad Thai. Make it now! Mmm ... Pad Thai. Ghlarghlarghlaghhh**

*Shut UP! It is full of fleecy loungewear GOODNESS. Especially the one at 33rd and 7th. Have you ever even BEEN there? Don't JUDGE. I am going to cry into my fleecy pants now.

**Homer Simpson gurgling noise, for those uninitiated.


The Old Wolf said...

MoMA's next exhibit: A naked Dave Barry eating Pad Thai in Rollerskates. Guaranteed not to elicit any touching...

Nicola said...

I would not put it past MoMA.

David Barry said...

Sometimes it is disturbing to share a name with a famous comedian.