Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Comic Con, Day Four, For Real: You Want Ginseng With That Light Saber?

We all travel for different reasons. Some, to discover adventure. Some, to discover challenge. Some, simply to discover their own selves.

Some of us, to discover Hello Kitty toilet paper:

I can only hope you are as fulfilled as I.

And, as if that wasn't enough to fortify me for life, I went Pokémon shopping, whereupon I had the following exchange with a booth merchant:

ME: Do you have Caterpie?
MERCHANT: Nah. You could check back later, though.
ME: Oh, you restock?

Meanwhile, next to me:

THIRTY-SOMETHING SHOPPER: ... and I want a Nidorino, and a Metapod, and a Mewtwo, and two Gravelers. Uh ... this is for somebody else.
MERCHANT: How about an Arcanine?
THIRTY-SOMETHING SHOPPER: I already have Arcanine. (beat) Uh ... this is for somebody else.

(Pokémon shopping, incidentally, is awesome, certainly the only avocation in which you can say things like "one Jolteon, please," and your salesperson will say things like, "Comin' right up!")

But the best moment of all, bar none, was seeing the one brave soul standing outside, in the throng of froth-mouthed comic lovers, holding up a sign that read, quote, "GNC NOW OPEN."

©2009, Nicola McEldowney
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