Friday, July 24, 2009

The Comic Con, Day Three: A Quicky, on Highly Suspicious Behavior

What is it with people being NICE here? Not fake nice, but, like, LEGITIMATE nice. Take the war zone-style drugstore we went into yesterday, which was being converted into another drugstore, and therefore filled with loads of people hurtling every which way carrying heavy things.  Yet when we wanted to know where to find the Bacitracin, every employee within a five-aisle radius cheerfully helped us, instantly abandoning all the things they were doing, such as transporting shelving. In other places they would have spat on you. In certain places they would have taken care to connect the shelving to your face. Here, they cheerfully helped you, and would not rest till you and your Bacitracin had found one another and went home awwww safe and snuggly. 

I'm disturbed.

That said, speaking as a Manhattanite, I am heartened to learn on this, my first-ever trip to California, that -- whatever differences, cultural, spiritual and otherwise, may exist between our two coasts -- the vagrants here still yell at everybody who walks past.

Meanwhile, at the Comic Con, I achieved many fine achievements, such as acquiring a Mythbusters tote bag and graphic novels I didn't even want.  And I went to Sea World, which, besides being a fun-filled adventure for the whole family*, features many lithe, muscular persons of pleasing genders.   

So, actually, I am not really THAT disturbed.

* Not that I am naming your family PERSONALLY.**
** At least I hope not.

©2009, Nicola McEldowney
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Michael Hofer said...

"nice" unless your "family" is "Electronic Arts" and their "grope a booth-babe" bounty...

Daniel said...

I suppose, given a choice between "hurtling every which way carrying heavy things" and helping a cute coed find her Bacitracin, I too might decide that the heavy thing, being inanimate and (as previously established) heavy, can wait.

(You might, for modesty's sake, feel obligated to deny the "cute" part, but your picture's right there, and your readers can draw their own conclusions. Is this, I ask, a face that you might drop a heavy thing in order to help? The question answers itself.)

Rachael said...

I must comment that San Diego in no way represents the shallow, self-centered, take-forever-in-the-grocery-store-line-but-totally-impatient-on-the-405 people that inhabit the surrounding lands collectively called SoCal (as in "Yeah, so?").

-Rachael in LA

(have to admit, that felt good)