Friday, July 17, 2009

Random nugget o' the highly suspicious

So why is it that, on positively any "light rock" station in any burg nationwide, you will hear an incidental clip of a chanteuse moaning the station's name as though she clearly wishes to exchange bodily materials with it, as follows:


Seriously. What gives? As we say in academia, Explain.

A. Huh?
B. Whaaaa?
C. When you are bored at work, you should definitely stick to posting videos of guys figure skating.
D. Numbers are hot, moron.


Ronald van Loon said...

Never forget the large number of unemployed mathematicians who may have been forced to asymptotically approximate the trajectory of their assigned patties of power as opposed to let it fly its pythagoreian course. To be able to go into a recording studio and sing a piece of the Pi might be orthogonally orgasmic.



Daniel said...

I think the same chanteuse may work here in Atlanta, although the station is "jazz".

In fact, it could be that there is but one such singer, imprisoned in a sound studio in South Dakota, who spends all day cooing and purring radio station calls.

The alternative, that there is actually competition for this job, is too incredible to contemplate.

"Okay, this time I want you to sing 'one oh seven point five' as though you wish to exchange bodily materials with it."

"What's my motivation?" (Because the shorter the line, the more likely to find a Method Actress delivering it.)

"I'll pay you."