Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Comic Con, Day One: Ass-Sitting Across America

As you may gather from the headline, very little of note took place today. This is because my father and I spent the lion's share of the day reveling in the sedentary joys of Incontinental Airlines (name has been changed), in our tireless quest to discover that there is pretty much no U.S. spot further from where we live.

So right now, just before I go to bed, please bear in mind that I am still on parka-clad lobster-eating moose time and therefore not in my right mind, as I share the following penetrating insights:

* I am located in California.
* I did not actually go into the Comic Con today. But, I went near the Comic Con.
* The Comic Con features people.
* Such that going near it seemed good enough, actually.
* The Comic Con is located in California.
* We had Thai food for dinner.
* California features Thai food.
* The Thai food was located in California.

I promise more penetrating insights tomorrow, like maybe about the hotel vending machine. (HINT: The hotel vending machine features Pepsi.)

* California features Pepsi.

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